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Our journalists filed 58 FOIA lawsuits during Trump's presidency — more than any other media organization in the U.S.

In 2020, we spent over $80,000 in legal fees to support our FOIA work. We're committed to increasing our efforts in 2021. The FOIA lawsuits we file this year could unearth stories the public needs to know about the Trump administration, how the government handled the pandemic, and more. So please help us reach our new goal of $100,000 for our FOIA fund this year.

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Learn more about our FOIA work

The journalists of BuzzFeed News are proud to earn the trust of our readers by showing you the receipts. One way we do that is by leveraging the Freedom of Information Act (or FOIA) to uncover documents that the government wants to keep secret. And when the government doesn't comply with our FOIA requests, we take it to court.

From suing the Justice Department to reveal the secrets of the Mueller investigation, to unveiling what the government knew in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, the documents obtained through our FOIA work give you indisputable information you can't get anywhere else.

But, pursuing that work is expensive and time consuming, that's why we're asking for your help to reach our new goal of $100,000 for our FOIA fund this year.

Over the past four years you helped us to pry loose many of the government's closely guarded secrets, such as the criminal referral that was sent to the FBI and the Department of Justice about Donald Trump and his July 2019 phone call with Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky, a conversation that sparked the historic impeachment proceedings against the president. Our FOIA work shined a light into the treatment of more than two dozen migrants who died at detention centers controlled by ICE.

We plan to do much more this upcoming year.

Read more reporting that came about as a result of our FOIA work here, and follow along for future scoops at buzzfeednews.com.

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